Zero Hash facilitates the storage of digital assets, on and off-chain settlement, and verifiable proof of assets for transactions.

Our Technology

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Settlement Features

Highly Customizable

  • Zero Hash can configure unique settlment parameters per connected platform to ensure the settlement flow perfectly aligns.
  • Settle obligations instantly, in batch or based on a schedule and with a wide range customizable timelines.
  • Integrated and operational with agency brokers, principal dealers, spot exchanges, regulated derivative exchanges and payment processors.

On-Chain Settlement

  • All settlement movements are netted and then finalized on-chain. Zero Hash reconciles with the public blockchain to ensure the integrity of internal balances.
  • A new deposit address is created for each settlement transaction to maintain the privacy of market participants.

Settle Any Product, Any Pair

  • Construct a unique pair based on any assets supported by Zero Hash.
  • Wide support for product types, including spot, loans and derivatives.

Rapid Transfer & Settlement

  • All crypto and fiat withdrawal requests are processed same day.
  • Zero confirmation deposits of digital assets available for qualified participants.

Trade Submission Flexibility

  • Zero Hash can facilitate the settlement of matched trades via escrow and atomic transfer of digital assets and fiat.
  • Zero Hash handles all reporting as well as KYC/AML review.

Dedicated Institutional Support

  • A dedicated team of operational support professionals based in Chicago provide support via live chat, email or phone.
  • Phone support provided to assist in fund transfers, confirmations and account changes.

Zero Hash

Trading on Zero Hash supported platforms

Orders are submitted by participants on markets supported by Zero Hash. Supported markets include Seed Digital Commodities Market, Seed SEF, OTC brokers and other execution venues.

Trade submitted to Zero Hash

Trades are delivered to Zero Hash as they are executed or in a batch format. Zero Hash builds a queue of transactions.

Settlement obligations are calculated by Zero Hash

In batch, margin and settlement obligations are calculated by Zero Hash as the Calculation Agent. Each trade is passed through a system that determines movements that must occur for each transaction.

Movements of trades executed

Settlement obligations are pooled per participant and movements are executed. Settlements are initially completed off-chain within Zero Hash's secure ledger infrastructure as a FinCEN (US) and FINTRAC (Canada) registered Money Service Business, money transmitter, and NYDFS BitLicense holder.

Movements are prepared for on-chain settlement

Zero Hash isolates the digital asset movements and delivers the movements to the Digital Asset Vault. The Vault performs a number of reconciliation checks, and once complete, transactions are prepared for delivery to the blockchain.

On-chain settlement

Each transaction requires signature from 2 of 3 private keys for on chain settlement. The Digital Asset Vault then delivers the signed transaction for on-chain settlement. Once the blockchain network confirms the transactions, settlement is complete.