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Zero Hash Secures Virtual Asset Service Provider Registrations in both the Netherlands and Poland

Zero Hash establishes licensed on-shore presence in European Union and prepares for MiCAR licensing

AMSTERDAM, March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zero Hash, the leading infrastructure for crypto and stablecoins, today announced that its Dutch and Polish subsidiaries have successfully received registrations as Virtual Asset Service Providers (“VASP”). Zero Hash Europe B.V. received its VASP approval from the Dutch Central Bank and Zero Hash Europe Sp. Zoo was authorized by the Tax Administration Chamber of Poland.

The VASP registrations deepen Zero Hash’s global regulatory stack which already includes licenses and registrations in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Zero Hash is the world’s leading infrastructure provider for crypto assets and stablecoins, powering groups including Stripe, Shift4 and Interactive Brokers.

Zero Hash has established a local European team and on-shore presence, including compliance staff, in the Netherlands. Leveraging its European registered entities, Zero Hash plans on receiving the necessary MiCAR license to continue to service over 740m Europeans. Beginning December 30, 2024, MiCAR licensed entities will be able to leverage a harmonized regulatory framework by passporting their licenses across the European Union.

“As a compliance-first company, trust is at the heart of how Zero Hash operates. We are pleased to expand our regulatory footprint in the European Union with our Dutch and Polish entities’ VASP registrations,” said Stephen Gardner, Chief Legal Officer of Zero Hash. “Our VASP registrations in the EU provide the platform to leverage the upcoming harmonized MiCAR framework, which we believe places the EU as one of the forefronts of the global ecosystem.”

“Partners choose us for our regulated, proven and flexible API and SDK infrastructure. Our registrations reinforce Zero Hash’s position as the leading crypto and stablecoin infrastructure. Businesses who want to offer digital assets and stablecoins leverage Zero Hash as the one-stop global infrastructure solution, with the ability to integrate once and secure global access,” said Edward Woodford, Founder and CEO of Zero Hash.

Alchemy Pay partners with Zero Hash for a seamless crypto on-ramp, including ACH payment rails

CHICAGO, Jan. 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zero Hash, the leading crypto infrastructure platform, today announced that Alchemy Pay is leveraging Zero Hash’s full-stack technical and regulatory API to enable their users to purchase digital assets quickly, compliantly and securely. Alchemy Pay is also leveraging Zero Hash’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments solution.

Alchemy Pay supports fiat-to-crypto purchases from 173 countries, delivering global reach with 50+ fiat currencies supported and access to an extensive array of 300+ global and local payment channels. Alchemy Pay has quickly become one of the leading platforms for leading web3 businesses that want to connect to local fiat payment rails to provide a fast and seamless on and off-ramp experience.

By natively embedding Zero Hash’s crypto infrastructure, Alchemy Pay has control over the customer experience. Through APIs, Zero Hash manages the identity verification of users, the fiat-crypto conversion and ACH on-ramping rails.. Leveraging Zero Hash’s expansive regulatory stack, Alchemy Pay has unlocked compliant access to 51 US jurisdictions.

“Our expansion of services and licensing in the USA has been facilitated by Zero Hash’s licensing and technology stack,” commented Alchemy Pay Ecosystem Lead, Robert McCracken. “Zero Hash’s full stack crypto infrastructure provides our US ramp users with the ability to use domestic ACH transactions for speed, efficiency, and security when purchasing digital assets.”

“Zero Hash aligns with Alchemy Pay’s mission to connect the fiat and crypto economies,” said Mark Daly, SVP Head of Global Revenue at Zero Hash. “Leading web3 infrastructure companies, like Alchemy Pay, partner with Zero Hash because of our high throughput technology to process transactions at scale and our expansive regulatory licensing, enabling a fast and compliant go to market launch.”

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Zero Hash joins United Bitcoin Companies Netherlands (VBNL) to promote trust, reliability, and best practices for the Netherlands crypto market

Zero Hash will partner with VBNL to advocate for fair and responsible regulation of crypto

AMSTERDAM, Jan. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zero Hash, the leading global crypto infrastructure platform, today announced that it has joined VBNL, the Netherlands’ leading trade association for crypto and digital asset industry, established to promote higher standards of conduct.

Zero Hash looks forward to bringing its experience of adhering to the highest standards with regulators in the U.S to the Netherlands community while joining forces to build trusted bridges between members, industry participants, regulators, and policymakers.

“We believe uniting Zero Hash’s voice with the members of VBNL provides the best forum to achieve the right regulatory outcomes for the Netherlands and, more broadly, the EU crypto economy,” said Célie Verstelle, EU Non-Executive Director at Zero Hash and ex Chief Compliance Officer at Mollie. “We look forward to collaborating with the VBNL community on how we can collectively adhere to new MiCA regulations and move the EU towards greater harmonization of crypto standards.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Zero Hash as a member and a dedicated contributor to VBNL and the Netherlands’ crypto community,” expressed Bert de Groot, President at VBNL. “Zero Hash shares a common DNA and commitment to advancing standards and promoting trust within the crypto industry. Together, we look forward to fostering fair and responsible regulations that safeguard customers without impeding innovation.”

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Tap, the all-in-one crypto app launches crypto on-and-off ramp in the U.S. in partnership with Zero Hash

CHICAGO, Oct. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zero Hash, the leading crypto infrastructure platform, today announced that Tap, the regulated cryptocurrency app bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology has leveraged Zero Hash’s full-stack API to expand into the U.S.

Tap has built a significant waiting list in the U.S. and through the partnership with Zero Hash can now offer these customers a sophisticated and flexible crypto on-and-off-ramp experience, with access to 24 digital assets, including BTC, ETH, XRP and USDC.

Tap can facilitate P2P transfers, deposit crypto from an external wallet, withdraw crypto to an external wallet, crypto swaps and crypto rewards, using Zero Hash’s building blocks of liquidity, custody, and settlement. The crypto on-and-off-ramp front end customer experience is controlled by Tap, with Zero Hash managing the technical infrastructure and providing its regulated liquidity, custody, and settlement services.

“Tap has built a reputation in Europe as a safe, secure, and reliable platform for users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies. Zero Hash’s technology and high regulatory standards made them the perfect partner for us to build the same reputation in the U.S. market,” said Arsen Torosian, Chief Strategy Officer, Tap. “Our mission is to provide customers with the freedom to control their crypto assets, Zero Hash’s flexible and modular platform enables us to deliver on this promise.”

Tap is available in 45 countries and has amassed over 200k users. Its’ customers benefit from a sophisticated money app that grants global access to investing and democratized access to finance, all designed to revolutionize how customers manage their money and trade.

As part of the partnership with Zero Hash, Tap will launch a fiat-to-crypto on-and-off-ramp later in 2023. Tap’s customers will in due course be able to buy and sell crypto via ACH bank transfers. Customer trades will be enabled by Zero Hash’s bank account linking, funding and ACH transfers functionality.

“Tap has established itself as a leading money app in Europe, onboarding hundreds of thousands of users to the crypto economy,” said Edward Woodford, Founder and CEO, Zero Hash. “We are pleased that Tap has chosen to partner with Zero Hash for their expansion to the U.S., reinforcing our position as the most trusted and sophisticated B2B2C crypto-as-a-service infrastructure for global innovators.”

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Zero Hash is a founding infrastructure partner for Universal Money Addresses

Zero Hash will facilitate access to Universal Money Addresses (UMAs) to send money instantly and settle via the Lightning Network — a step forward for international payments and money transfers

CHICAGO, Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Zero Hash, the leading crypto infrastructure platform, announced it is a founding infrastructure partner of Universal Money Addresses (UMAs). The Universal Money Address (UMA) standard is a new open-source standard. It combines human-readable Lightning Addresses with real-time, global payment rails to make sending money, fiat or crypto as easy as sending an email.

This is a step forward for international payments and money transfers. UMA is just like e-mail, but for money. Zero Hash will provide its trusted and sophisticated crypto infrastructure to enable companies to embed UMAs into their customer experience, offering near real-time, low-cost, cross-border payment rails for their users.

Zero Hash’s full stack API provides regulated liquidity, custody and settlement to enable end users to onramp to UMA seamlessly and compliantly.

“We’re excited to bring Universal Money Addresses to our customers,” said Edward Woodford, Founder and CEO of Zero Hash. “Zero Hash has been an innovator in building crypto infrastructure that enables any platform to embed crypto products natively and control their customers’ experience. Being invited as a founding infrastructure partner to UMA, is further validation of Zero Hash’s trusted and innovative capabilities in the crypto-as-a-service category.”

“Zero Hash has proven capabilities and will play a vital role in simplifying the journey for users to onramp to UMA to experience the transformational benefits of 24/7, near real-time instant money movement worldwide,” said David Marcus, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightspark.

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Zero Hash partners with Plaid to enable a seamless crypto on and off-ramp via ACH bank transfers

Zero Hash customers can now enable their users to instantly connect their financial accounts to pre-fund a wallet or facilitate real-time buy and sell crypto trades

CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zero Hash, the leading crypto infrastructure platform, announced their partnership with Plaid, a network powering the digital financial ecosystem, to enable Zero Hash customers to offer buys and sells of crypto via ACH bank deposits and withdrawals.

Zero Hash and Plaid’s mutual customers can now embed bank account linking, and customize ACH-funded crypto trades. Plaid’s technology is a familiar and trusted payments rail, integrated into more than 12,000 banks and used by over 8,000 platforms. Powered by Plaid Transfer, Zero Hash now offers access to widely connected and secure bank transfer payments that enable a user to complete fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat trades, and to pre-fund a wallet with fiat bank deposits for trading later, without having to leave the platform or app or take out a debit card.

Plaid customers and other crypto focused companies can leverage Zero Hash’s full API stack: regulated custody, liquidity, and settlement to launch crypto products in weeks. Zero Hash provides access to 50+ digital assets, across 22 blockchains and a range of crypto products; buy/sell, deposit/withdraw, crypto rewards and roundups, enabling customers to build a sophisticated crypto offering to their unique requirements and embed them natively in to their own customer experience.

The secure data exchange between Zero Hash and Plaid ensures that customer data is handled in line with the industry’s best compliance, fraud and security practices.

“Consumers want a seamless onboarding experience and speedy access to funds when engaging with crypto. This partnership enables speed, simplicity, and security,” said Edward Woodford, CEO of Zero Hash. “Bridging crypto and fiat payment rails is now core to Zero Hash’s crypto-as-a-service platform — by offering ACH bank transfers, we provide platforms the flexibility of different settlement mechanisms while reducing associated payment complexities and compliance concerns.”

“By integrating with Plaid, Zero Hash is making it fast, safe and easy for people to move money into and out of their digital asset accounts,” said Tamara Romanek, Head of Partnerships at Plaid. “Partners like Zero Hash ensure that the ecosystem is working to solve the needs of crypto users in reliable and efficient ways on top of stable, secure and sophisticated infrastructure.”

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Shift4 partners with Zero Hash to build a one stop fiat and crypto solution

Zero Hash provides Shift4 with best-in-class crypto on-ramp infrastructure to safely and compliantly onboard users

CHICAGO, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zero Hash, the leading crypto infrastructure platform, today announced that Shift4 (NYSE: FOUR), an Integrated Payments and Commerce Technology platform, has leveraged Zero Hash’s full-stack API to build a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp for web3 merchants.


Fragmentation of products and providers for web3 merchants has created approval rate challenges and high fees. Shift4 partnered with Zero Hash to build a best-in-class crypto on-ramp, including customer identity verification, liquidity, custody and settlement. By integrating Zero Hash’s crypto infrastructure into Shift4’s fiat payments infrastructure, Shift4 can now provide a one stop fiat and crypto solution for web3 merchants.

“We needed a trusted partner to enhance our onboarding process for crypto merchants. After evaluating all available solutions, we determined that Zero Hash was the right fit for us in terms of their leading expertise, pace of innovation, and overall capabilities,” said Pietro Moran, Director of Crypto of Shift4. “Zero Hash’s end-to-end turnkey crypto infrastructure enables Shift4 to power crypto merchants globally with best in class fees and authorization rates and a product that just works.”

“Shift4 is a leader in offering reliable and trusted traditional payments infrastructure for merchants globally. Zero Hash believes embedding crypto infrastructure into trusted brands like Shift4 will be essential to ushering in the next wave of adoption and unlocking utility for web3 merchants,” said Edward Woodford, Founder and CEO of Zero Hash. “We’re delighted Shift4, a publicly traded company, has partnered with Zero Hash. It’s further validation that global innovators trust Zero Hash with their critical crypto infrastructure.”

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Interactive Brokers Collaborates with Zero Hash to Enhance Crypto Trading

Zero Hash, the leading crypto infrastructure platform, today announced that Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (IBKR), an automated global electronic broker, is leveraging Zero Hash’s full-stack API to offer an additional crypto trading and custody provider. Select types of customers, who are newly enrolling for crypto trading access, will utilize the crypto trading platform and custody services provided by Zero Hash. IBKR was also an investor in Zero Hash’s 2021 Series D fundraise.

“Interactive Brokers has always focused on providing experienced traders and institutional investors with advanced technology, competitive pricing and a wide range of global products,” said Milan Galik, Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Brokers. “Since 2021, clients of Interactive Brokers have been able to trade cryptocurrency alongside the many other asset classes we offer, and the collaboration with Zero Hash underscores our dedication to providing clients the ability to seamlessly allocate part of their portfolio to cryptocurrency.”

Zero Hash’s solution enables IBKR customers to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin through an account they open with Zero Hash. Zero Hash provides IBKR clients access to robust liquidity, crypto custody and market data. Zero Hash manages the complexity of custody, liquidity and licensing of digital assets while IBKR manages the client interaction. IBKR is a Nasdaq-listed, leading trading platform for individual and institutional investors, that lets clients trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, funds, crypto and more on 150 markets worldwide. IBKR is one of the largest online trading brokerages with $377 billion in assets under custody and now offers access to one of the most complete crypto trading experiences to eligible clients.

“IBKR was one of the leading FinTechs before the term even existed, having been founded in the 1970s and has become one of the most valuable companies in the world,” said Edward Woodford, Zero Hash Founder and CEO. “We are pleased that IBKR became a shareholder and partner, cementing Zero Hash as the most trusted and sophisticated B2B2C crypto-as-a-service infrastructure.”

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Zero Hash Australia joins Blockchain Australia as a digital currency exchange member

CHICAGO, May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain Australia announced the joining of a new member, Zero Hash Australia, the one stop global crypto-as-a-service provider. By securing this membership and becoming an active member of Blockchain Australia, Zero Hash Australia, who registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (“AUSTRAC”) as a Digital Currency Exchange provider (“DCE”) in 2022, further demonstrates their ongoing commitment to advancing the crypto industry in Australia.

Full press release here.

How Stripe partnered with Zero Hash to build a better crypto and Web3 payments experience

Stripe now enables merchants to embed the acceptance of digital payments, with a full suite of developer-first tools that makes the entire payments experience seamless. Stripe is not only a titan within Fintech, but has also grown to become one of the most valuable private companies in the world.

Stripe’s mission is to “increase the GDP of the Internet” The internet is evolving and Stripe identified a payment challenge that whilst crypto and Web3 has evolved, the way that people interact with this space is far too complicated. As Guillaume Poncin, Stripe’s Crypto Lead explained:

“Web3 developers have many missing pieces that prevent them from delivering a great on-and-off-ramp payments experience. We need to provide developers with the right tools to get the Web3 payments experience to parity with Web2.”

In partnership with Zero Hash, Stripe took their first step on this journey by launching an embeddable and customizable fiat-to-crypto onramp solution. Zero Hash CEO and Founder, Edward Woodford, had the pleasure of sitting down for a live discussion with Stripe Crypto Lead, Guillaume Poncin, to discuss:

Let’s start by looking a closer look at the Stripe on-ramp:

A) The opportunity that Stripe saw: Leveling up the Web3 payments experience

The objective for Stripe were to solve challenges in the Web 3 payments experience:

  1. Support Web3 developers with better payments tools to offer a seamless fiat-to-crypto onramp experience for their end-users;
  2. Remove the complexity of onramp for Web 3, including fraud and KYC
  3. Enable consumers to seamlessly purchase tokenized Web 3 assets, including NFTs

For example, today, if you wish to buy an NFT for the first time, you have to go through several steps. From a Web3 developer’s perspective, they need to integrate a myriad of vendors to facilitate the NFT checkout experience. A developer’s time is best spent focused on keeping users in the app and providing the easiest way to complete a purchase.

On the challenges that Stripe sought to solve, Guillaume said that

“to us, this sounded like the early days of e-commerce — in the 2000s, it was very difficult to accept payments on the internet. Stripe made it easy with 7 lines of code famously and this enabled a whole generation of start ups. We wanted to do the same for Web 3.”

B) The solution: A simple & embeddable fiat-to-crypto on-ramp

Stripe integrated Zero Hash’s infrastructure and built an onramp solution leveraging just four Zero Hash API endpoints. Web3 developers can embed and customize Stripe’s onramp into their site, with customization. Merchants have the ability to purchase end-to-end in less than 30 seconds, and even less time when identity and payment methods are remembered through Stripe’s Link product.

“Link is a way to remember users across the internet and we can make the repeat purchase even simpler,” 

“Building an onramp solution is like a “complicated layered cake,” 


Stripe already manages several layers incredibly well: fiat acceptance, KYC, identity verification, APIs and fraud. Zero Hash provides the crypto infrastructure via API, providing crypto liquidity, custody, settlement as well as the regulatory licensing layer.

C) Today Web3 brands, tomorrow the biggest brands in the world

Today Stripe’s onramp solution, built on Zero Hash’s crypto-as-a-service API infrastructure, is powering some of the leading Web3 brandsincluding: Myetherwallet, Venly, Orca, Ottr, Niftys, Argent, Fractal, Fastaf, Magic Eden, Magic and Glow.

These customers are already experiencing the benefits of Stripe’s fiat-to-crypto onramp.

“This is a big step toward removing barriers between traditional and decentralized finance,” said Itamar Lesuisse, CEO of Argent. “We’re excited to bring Stripe’s world-class payments infrastructure and user experience to our customers.”

Stripe’s fiat-to-crypto onramp isn’t just for Web3 platforms. Guillaume stressed that

“Feedback came from the 2 person YC startup all the way to very big companies that engage with Stripe already. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, Stripe does payments for some of the biggest brands in the world and all of these are expressing interest in using the solution as they expand into Web 3.”

D) Why Stripe decide to partner rather than build

Stripe recognized that crypto and Web3 evolve quickly, which requires a constant evolution in the technical stack. Stripe also didn’t want to wait years to be able to bring a solution to market.

“Speed to market was a fundamental factor in our decision to partner. In particular, we didn’t want to wait 12–24 months to acquire all of the regulatory licenses to be able to operate,”

Guillaume continued, “We needed a partner who could operate at the technical excellence we wanted but also bring to the table the right set of licenses. Zero Hash fits that set of requirements really well…”


E) Zero Hash stood out above other potential partners


Stripe compared several crypto infrastructure solutions. Our approaches aligned. Guillaume said that,

“Coming out of the deep dive evaluation of the top 3 [prospective partners], Zero Hash came out ahead clearly…Zero Hash shares the same focus on developer-first infrastructure as Stripe. Zero Hash has the right technical excellence, regulatory licenses, and compliance program.”

We’ve purpose-built our platform to be modular, so partners like Stripe can fit our product into the exact piece they need. This resonated with Guillaume who said that,

“We wanted to use components that Stripe already had such as Stripe Identity for a seamless experience. We need Zero Hash for the conversion of crypto and fulfilling the transaction on-chain to the wallet of the user.”

F) Building for the future

“We needed a flexible, future-proof solution. Stripe builds APIs that will last for 10s of years and this formation should exist in any climate,” Guillaume said.

Today, Stripe’s onramp solution provides access to 6 digital assets: BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, USDC (on ETH/SOL/Polygon). Zero Hash provides access to 65+ digital assets across 22 blockchains. Guillaume said,

“We wanted a partner we can grow with, whether we decide to add new chains or coins. We valued the expansive product Zero Hash offers today and we believe they will implement new products and features in a timeline that works for both sides.”

Edward further explained why Zero Hash has continually invested in innovation:

“Developers want access to new blockchains that come into the space and even existing blockchains like Ethereum have fundamentally changed. Priorities shift and we’re building the infrastructure to support our customers like Stripe to shift with them, seamlessly.”

Stripe and Zero Hash both remain excited for the future of crypto and Web3 and we look forward to building further innovation to simplify Web3 for developers and consumers

You can watch the full discussion between Edward and Guillaume here:

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