Institutional Custody

Zero Hash’s Digital Asset Vault offers a truly institutional custody solution for digital assets, whilst its fiat custody infrastructure offers support for a vast range of traditional currencies.

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Institutional Custody Features

No Single Point of Failure

  • All wallets are multi-signature (P2SH & BIP32), requiring n of m keys to sign a transaction.
  • No individual entity, system or person has ever had access to more than 1 key.
  • Keys held in geographically distributed, logically isolated and wholly segmented locations.

Full Segregation per Participant

  • Each participant receives a fully segregated wallet per digital asset.
  • Independently verify proof of assets on-chain.
  • Keys are uniquely generated per participant, ensuring a minimal attack surface.
  • Private key management through FIPS PUB 140-2 compliant Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Operationally Safeguarded

  • All addresses considered blacklisted until explicitly whitelisted by a participant.
  • Each transaction and wallet policy update requires manual review and approval from Zero Hash operations staff.
  • A suite of protections include withdrawal limit, access frequency control and transaction size limits.

Multi-User Account Control

  • Support for participants to establish customizable user privileges including withdrawal controls and withdrawal limits.
  • Enforced withdrawal address whitelisting.
  • 2-FA enforced as standard for all users.
  • Remove a user's access and update their privileges in real-time.

Expansive Fiat & Digital Asset Support

  • All fiat deposits are held in segregated customer funds accounts at U.S. regulated FDIC member banks.
  • Support an ever-growing list of digital assets and a wide range of fiat currencies.
  • Review our currently supported assets here.

Dedicated Institutional Support

  • A dedicated team of operational support professionals based in Chicago provide support via live chat, email or phone.
  • Phone support provided to assist in fund transfers, confirmations and account changes.